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Promotional products can be a moral dilemma for an environmentally conscious businesses. So, how can you spread the word about your company, or show appreciation to your employees or customers, without impacting the environment? By using eco-friendly promotional products that shows you are Earth-conscious and environmentally friendly.

Recycled Plastic: Plastic eco-friendly promotional products utilize plastic that has been recycled in one form or another. They are used to make promotional products such as: yo-yos, mugs, rulers, keyrings, pens, and more. The types of recycling include:

Post Consumer: This is plastic recycled from consumer goods, such as water bottles, detergent containers, etc. The plastic is collected at local recycling centers, then reprocessed and remolded.

Post Industrial: Plastic is often used in the production of other goods, such as cars or model airplanes. The plastic that is used in these industrial processes, and not part of a finished product, is reprocessed and recycled for other uses.

Off-White Recycled Plastic: Most post-consumer plastic is a hodge-podge of colored containers, resulting in a finished product that is black in color. This process is different, as it divides the plastics by color before being reprocessed, allowing for a wider-range of colors upon completion.

Natural Fibers: The fabric of our lives, cotton is still the most popular clothing material in Canada. However, cotton farms account for 25% of all pesticide and insecticide use. So with consumers becoming more Earth-conscious, alternatives to the age-old cotton industry are growing even more popular. Now you can purchase eco friendly apparel such as t-shirts, thongs, infant clothing and hats that are made out of hemp or bamboo, or even organic cotton. Here are a variety of types of natural fibers you can find in earth friendly promotional products:

Organic Cotton: The same, touch, feel and look of regular cotton, organic cotton is grown with minimal use of toxic pesticides and insecticides. These organic farms have a low-impact on the environment.

Hemp: Different than black-market marijuana, industrial hemp was popular in the 1700's, and contains only about 2% of the drug THC. It is currently legal to grow in 29 countries, but not the US, so hemp is imported. The hemp plants can be used for many textile purposes, as well as oil, candles and fragrances.

Bamboo: Made from bamboo grass, bamboo fabric is soft, hypo-allergenic, and whisks away moisture better than cotton. It is one of the most sustainable plants for fabric production, and typically requires no pesticides or fertilizers.

Living Items: As the old saying goes, "give the gift that keeps on giving." Living item promotional products are the perfect way to give a gift that will literally last for years to come. Here are some examples:

Seeds: Give seed packets or seedlings for everything from flowers to herbs. There are indoor herb gardens, booming bags, blooming cans, and seed kits, all with directions for growing.

Trees: Imagine giving the gift of an evergreen seedling. The tree comes with directions for planting and care, and will grow for decades. Or, choose the smaller bonsai tree for indoor care and meditation.

Ecospheres: Large or small decorative glass spheres that house micro-organisms in a self-sustaining environment.

Other Items: As recycled products become more popular, and the demand grows, so does the selection. Here are even more eco-friendly promotional products:

Solar Power and Hand Cranked Lights: Batteries not included? No problem. You don't need them with these flashlights that are powered by the sun, or by hand-cranking.

Bamboo USB Drives: Natural in look and impact, these USB drives are perfect for giveaways to Earth-conscious college students or employees.

Tote Bags: Never worry about answering Paper or Plastic again, with these re-usable tote bags. Perfect for the big-box grocery stores or a trip to the farmer's market.

Eco-friendly promotional products can be functional and fun, but best of all, they reflect well on you and your organization.

With over a decade of promotional experience and clients who make up a large part of the “who’s who” list in the Fortune 1000, we can make things easier for you. The process of buying promotional products does not have to be difficult or time consuming.

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